"Sultry Single Radio Hour" with Donal Connolly | Host of "Behave Yourself" and Scholar

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Humans do all sorts of weird things, which is why this week’s guest, Donal Connolly, creates his podcast “Behave Yourself” (https://itun.es/gb/RZRQhb.c ) to get them all figured out. With a little bit of psychology, sociology, anthropology… well, all the ologies, Donal and his co-hosts explore why we do the things we do. Also, he has an accent, which makes what he says more interesting and more believable. Yes, I fall prey to that. We talk about his educational endeavors, what it’s like to date overseas vs. here in the US, and then we record a sketch about all those things!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s right around the corner. That’s right, Season 2 of the new Sketch Comedy Podcast Show is almost upon us, and we are VERY excited about it. To celebrate, we are going to have a review drive, so that we can get some serious review numbers and we can give away something really cool! We are also going to solve the question of which company is better… Apple or Google! At least we will solve the question of which listeners are better. For the week of the first episode’s release, whomever leaves reviews in Apple Podcasts or Google Play Store for our show has a chance to win a gift card for $100 for that particular store (or Amazon, or wherever you would like)! It’s a review! Hit the 5-stars, write something nice, and you’re entered! The winner will be announced on Sunday September 10th! I know, originally we were going to do charity, but I feel like people can use a little something for themselves, I’ll figure out the charity thing later. Here’s what I need you to do, write the review, take a screenshot of it on your phone, like our Facebook page and post the review on there, that way I know who you are! Thank you in advance for the reviews!

Technology really does enrich our lives, regardless of what anyone says. Think of how much our lives changed when the wheel was invented… maybe that’s too far back, what about the radio. Originally created for to sole purpose to melt people’s minds from a distance for the military (I’ll find my sources later) Marconi found it was also good for beaming voices from one place to another. The radio allowed all of us to come together over a Little Orphan Annie radio show, experience sporting events we would only dream of being able to listen to in real life and eventually evolved into call-in talk shows and conservative talk radio! On second thought, maybe we would be better off without it…

I like to talk about other shows, but in, like, a good way. So this week I want to highlight a show that was suggested to me called “Department of Understanding Humans”. (duhwebsite.com) Described as a podcast about life, the universe and everything I had to check it out. Though there are no posed questions to the answer “42”, there are a lot of jokes and funny things said. Honestly, I don’t know if they have solved any mysteries, but Rachel Reese and Kristian Meyer have guests on the show and talk about things. It’s a fun show and worth checking out AFTER you listen to this show!

Next episode is going to be a best of. I really have to get to work on it, like, right now.

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