"I Got That New-Time Religion" with Jim Greenfield | Host of Conservative Talk Show "The Decline and Fall of America"

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Stuart invites the nororious radio host Jim Greenfield onto the podcast. Jim has been fired from the radio 7 times, which is the same amount of times that Rush Limbaugh has been fired, the biggest difference is that Rush Limbaugh earns $32M a year. Jim is also a conservative talk show host, but has decided to give up on radio and start his own podcast, called “The Jim Greenfield Show Podcast”. Let’s see if he can become the first person ever fired from his own podcast. Although Stuart doesn’t agree with ANYTHING Jim says, it is still a good discussion.

Note: The recording session had some technical issues (okay, Stuart’s computer ran out of power so they had to record on his phone) but it doesn’t take away from the interesting conversation.

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About this week’s sketch: From ancient times to today, humanity has been guided by one thing and one thing alone. This thing has driven millions to make decisions based on the faith that humans hold in this influential force. Temples and places of great importance have been erected in celebration of this one thing that drives men and women and keeps them in-line with the rules and dogma that are taught them. Religion? Nah. The thing that really drives people… greed.

Here at Sketch Comedy Podcast Show, we understand that you have a lot of podcasts demanding your time. And we have to say, you made a good choice with this one! But, if you need something else to listen to until the next episode is up, we suggest the “Bombs Away” podcast. Why? Because Jonathan, Kallan and Jarrett watch bad movies and then tear them apart. We are big fans of podcasts that allow us to know what is really dumb about things without actually having to suffer through them ourselves. Find them on Apple Podcasts or go to https://bombsaway.podbean.com

See you in the next episode where I invite another Jim, this time author Jim Asbell, to come onto the show to talk about death and more religion… It is a LOT more fun than you think! This upcoming episode easily has the most jarring and shocking line ever!

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