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Colin Gray can’t help himself, he tends to get far too into whatever interests him. Sometimes it’s craft beer, sometimes it’s mountain biking, but one of them, listening to podcasts, led to Colin creating an entire academy and community for creating podcasts. Colin helps people take their podcast to the next level, you can go to the podcasthost.com and check out all of the cool things there, including his podcast “Podcraft” and his new, fantastical show “Hostile Worlds”. Colin is also currently working on software that will automate the editing of podcasts… truly we are minutes away from being taken over by the machines.

We uncover the mystery that is “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette. That song went from really stupid to really brilliant very quickly for me.

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This week’s sketch:

Come rain, or snow, or zombie apocalypse, we trust our packages will be delivered. Sure, sometimes the package doesn’t arrive on-time, and sometimes it is mis-delivered, but we can always rely on the fact that eventually, through some method, our packages will get to where they need to go eventually. Maybe it’s time to get out of the “Cat in a Box” pet delivery service I have so heavily invested in.

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Next week’s episode has gough! No, that isn’t a word I just made up, gough is a filmmaker and comedian who has traveled all over the place! What makes him special? He is the first blind filmmaker. He is a really interesting and fun guy and you can listen to him excitedly talk about his new projects on next week’s show!

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