"Oh, I Get It… Because I’m Green" with Edward Noil | Cosplayer Extraordinaire and Podcaster

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Edward Noil is a fellow podcaster, independent wrestler and an amazing cosplayer. He never misses a con and never misses a chance to enthusiastically talk about his favorite things… which just so happen to be things that you would find at a conference focused on comic books or other things: anime, movies, Transformers… honestly, I loved talking to Ed because his enthusiasm for all things geeky is infectious. He speaks with the same fervor as my son, which in hind-sight would make a really great podcast on it’s own! Ed runs the “Points of Interest Podcast Network” [https://pointsofinterestpodcastnetwork.podbean.com] which focuses on all of the things that Ed loves and it’s a lot of things, there are 25 shows on the network!

You know is wonderful? The updated YouTube channel for Sketch Comedy Podcast Show! Here is the best part, this is going to be the place where every sketch this show produces will be. Is your favorite part the sketches? Head to YouTube! You like seeing things while you are listening? Head to YouTube! Honestly, it’s pretty slick and there are no ads on there right now, so get on and you can listen to hours of comedy absolutely free. Head to [http://SCPSyoutube] to subscribe and start listening!

Mistaken identity… ever experienced that? It’s really strange when someone mistakes you for someone else, because what happens if you just go with it? What sort of adventures would ensue if you just took this other person’s life and started living it? I can just imagine what that person would say if they ever found you mimicing them… you know, “Leggo my Ego!”

I really like to promote other podcasts, and this is one that I really don’t need to promote because they already are doing incredible, but this week’s show to listen to after this show is “Jay and Miles X-plain the X-Men” [http://www.xplainthexmen.com]. I suggest starting all the way back to episode 1 and then getting a subscription to Marvel Unlimited so you can follow along with them. Not only are they really in-depth with their look at the most feared super-hero team, but they are also delightfully witty and are not afraid to tackle the topics that surround the mythos of the X-Men… racism, sexuality, robotic infections… all of it. Give them a listen and I am pretty sure you will thank me later.

Next week, I am excited to say that I have Sean McCabe, author of “Overlap” on to talk about finding one’s passion and turning it into a day job. Hopefully I can follow in his footsteps, and so can you!

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