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Alisha comes back (or forward, depending on how time works for you). She’s fun, she co-created the original show, blah blah blah.

First off, apologies for the apparent vacuums that are coming out of our faces. This was an episode where the technical difficulties definitely overwhelmed us, which is why this is kind of a lost episode. For some reason, Alisha’s audio vanished, but after a lot of processing I was able to get it back. Why did I spend so much time on this? Because what a delightful conversation about Stuart’s anatomy, Alisha’s horrifying movie experience and more! Then, we use a thing that happened at one of Stuart’s daughter’s cheer competitions to come up with a sketch.

Season 2 is going to be great! I’m really excited about it! So far I have assembled some pretty fun names and pretty interesting people. The season is going to start off with a great sketch with Mike Phirman of “Hard ’n Phirm” fame. There are a number of songs of theirs that I absolutely adore, especially “Anything” It is one of the most inspirational songs I have ever heard… for some. New season debuts September 3rd! Just in time for back to school!

In celebration of @Stoopac’s daughter, @aleyriice going to the Cheerleading National Championships (#NotSoHumbleBrag), we revisit an episode that was lost about a year ago! During one of the competitions from a couple of years ago, there was a team that competed using a cheer that included the phrase “white is our power” and then there was a whole Trump cheerleading thing that happened and… well… it resulted in this sketch. Alisha did a really good job coming up with cheers on the fly.

When I think of the podcasts that really influenced me in starting my own, I have to look to the stars, and one of my favorite podcasts of all-time “The Improvised Star Trek”. I love this show so much. Follow the adventures of the USS Sissyphus and their fearless(?) Captain Julius Valentine Baxter as they traverse the universe on their 5 year mission to… um… I am pretty sure they have a mission, don’t they? Beam down new episodes to your phone and listen to the group improvise their way through an entire episode of Star Trek based on a show title they get from their audience. It is brilliant, and the sound design is fantastic as well. (http://www.theimprovisedstartrek.com)

Next episode is the final re-release of the Summer ReRuns. I’m not going to lie, I’m glad I finally got a chance to remaster and reconfigure the show this way but I’m excited to get to the new stuff! Listen in next time to my parent’s favorite episode with Donal Connolly… it is super special because he has an accent!

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